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How does Corporate CARE Solutions work?

Corporate CARE Solutions provides Backup Child and Adult Care services. We partner with companies nationwide who are interested in assisting their employees with breakdowns in family care. This valuable benefit helps ensure employees no longer miss work unexpectedly due to care breakdowns. Knowing they can entrust their loved ones with a professional caregiver allows employees to go to work with true peace of mind.

Is annual pre-payment for employee utilization required?

No. Corporate CARE Solutions provides Pay-As-You-Go Hourly billing. Each month our clients receive a billing statement based on the prior month’s utilization. If no employee utilization occurred in the prior month – nothing is owed. Corporate CARE Solutions does not require an annual pre-payment for employee utilization.

How does this benefit my company?

Corporate CARE Solutions enables your employees to quickly and easily resolve breakdowns in Child and Adult Care without having to utilize their sick or vacation time. Now you can support your employees and ensure they are focused and productive contributors while on the job. By decreasing absenteeism and increasing employee performance, we’re helping you get the most out of your workforce, retain your best employees and grow your business.

Is our company eligible?

All companies are eligible. The Corporate CARE Solutions program is designed to be affordable and easy to implement. No company is too big or too small to take advantage of the opportunity to provide this benefit to its employees.

What is the difference between Sick Child Care, Backup Child Care and Adult Care?

Sick Child Care is provided when your employee’s child(ren) are mildly ill, cannot attend regular daycare or must stay home from school.

Backup Child Care is provided when their regular caregiver is unavailable, school is closed or they require child care while on a business trip.

Adult Care is provided for your employee’s loved ones (18 years of age or older) who are in need of assistance, mildly ill or recuperating from an accident, injury or other situation requiring non-medical care. This includes spouses/domestic partners, parents and grandparents.

Is care only provided in the employee’s home?

No. Corporate CARE Solutions recognizes most children and dependents are not comfortable being cared for in an unknown environment and most parents prefer to leave their children in familiar surroundings. Care is provided in the employee’s home, hotel if traveling for business or anywhere in the U.S. their loved ones are located. Expeditious staffing and readily available Care Providers allows employees to quickly and easily resolve family care breakdowns. More importantly, employees can rest assured their loved ones will be happy, relaxed and well-cared for while they focus on work.

In addition to Corporate CARE Solutions national network of Care Providers, our My Choice Care program provides employees an additional option. My Choice allows employees to select the caregiver or daycare center of their personal choice. When utilizing a known caregiver or daycare center is paramount, Corporate CARE Solutions wants to meet employees in their comfort zone. When selected, employee compensation is provided.

Do you have a national network of highly-vetted Care Providers?

Yes. Corporate CARE Solutions network of providers consists of the nation’s premiere Nanny, Adult and Home Healthcare Agencies. All caregivers are required to be employed by the agencies they work for. Additionally, vetting of all Care Providers is significant and exceeds industry standards.

How quickly can we begin?

The Corporate CARE Solutions program typically begins within 60 days of contract completion. However, shorter timeframes have been accommodated.

How far in advance may our employees request care?

Your employees may request care the same day or up to 1 month in advance.

How long does the CARE Request process take?

Once your employees are registered with Corporate CARE Solutions and have completed their profile, the CARE Request process takes just a few moments. Our website is simple to use and easily accessible from any mobile device.

A few of our proud employers
utilizing Backup Care services...

What our clients are saying

“Oh my goodness I haven’t heard my son rave about a caregiver like he did about Sarah! He had so much fun with her, he asked if we could invite her over to play everyday. He loved Sarah so much and can’t wait to see her again. He just keeps going on about how much fun she was and how she might be a real super hero! Thank you!“

– Courtney B., Employee

“We truly believe that we share the same vision with regard to why we are even in business. We try to provide the best service possible because at the end of the day it’s all about serving families and children and providing a positive care experience.“

– Guy S., Care Provider

“We have enjoyed working with CorporateCARE Solutions. They provide us everything we need to quickly and easily staff our caregivers in their CARE Requests.“

– Cathy S., Care Provider

“I cannot be more pleased with this service and the caregivers provided! Being a working mom is hard… but being able to trust and rely on this service is a true life saver when needed! “

– Gretchen S., Employee

“I am so pleased with the care that was given to Albert, my home and how Ms. Linda took the time to speak to Albert. She told him so many positive things and that he can make a difference. This is how I watched Ms. Linda leave – professional, kind and caring. Thank you for your service and for allowing me to confidently leave my loved one and home. I am beyond grateful.“

– Stephanie K., Employee

“My mother was happy with her caregiver. She was kind, professional and empathized with my mother’s condition. Thank you. We will definitely use this service again.“

– Joanne E., Employee

“CorporateCARE Solutions is a valuable company benefit which enables staff to leave their loved ones in the care of a professional caregiver and go to work with peace of mind.“

– Rosemary M., Employer

“I would highly recommend CorporateCARE Solutions as a great benefit for your employees. Our employees love the flexibility and we have even been told that employees have taken a job with us because we offer this benefit. Our nursing staff find this benefit invaluable.“

– Julie Y., Employer

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