Our Company

When families experience a breakdown in child or adult care, employees usually have no option but to stay home from work and utilize their sick or vacation time to care for their loved ones. At Corporate CARE Solutions, we're helping families find the work/life balance they need to lead productive, happy lives. Our proactive and professional approach removes the burden and stress that comes with resolving family care breakdowns and allows employees to go to work with true peace of mind.

Family care breakdowns leading to employee absences cost U.S. businesses billions annually. At Corporate CARE Solutions, we partner with employers to provide sick and backup child and adult care as a benefit for their employees. We recognize most children are not comfortable being cared for in an unfamiliar environment. That's why we provide only in-home care (or wherever the employee's loved one is located.) Our services help ensure employees no longer have to stay home unexpectedly to care for family members. Employers benefit from decreased absenteeism and increased corporate morale.