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In response to the COVID-19 Outbreak, we continue to make the health and well-being of all clients and their families our top priority.

female entrepreneur employer image Be the boss they always wanted... with the benefits they always needed Partner with CorporateCARE Solutions to provide professional, stress-free Child and Adult Care solutions for your employees. LEARN MORE woman posing as superheroes with two little girls image Sometimes even superheroes need to be rescued CorporateCARE Solutions provides Backup Child and Adult Care for your family members, when and where you need it. We come to you - so you can get back to saving the world. LEARN MORE woman dancing with little girl smiling image Celebrating care anytime, anywhere Partner with CorporateCARE Solutions to provide professional, stress-free Child and Adult Care solutions for your employees. LEARN MORE
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National Backup Child and Adult Care

Corporate CARE Solutions partners with employers to reduce costly absenteeism by providing national Backup Child and Adult Care services. This valuable company benefit enables employees to leave their loved ones in the care of a professional and go to work with peace of mind.


Our cost-effective solution and award-winning technology is proven to decrease absenteeism and increase employee performance.


We come to you so you can go to work. Quickly and easily resolve breakdowns in child and adult care, when and where you need it.

Care Providers

Provide exceptional care and build a base of loyal, repeat clients. Our industry-specific platform streamlines staffing and delivers the technology you’ve been waiting for.


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Backup Care

The human touch powered by advanced technology

Our mission is to provide Backup Child and Adult Care for employees. Our comprehensive platform allows us to do this quickly and efficiently. Our innovative, industry-specific technology puts all the information at your fingertips, including:

  • Comprehensive HR portal with real-time reporting features
  • User-friendly mobile app that allows employees to submit a CARE Request in less than one minute
  • Real-time notifications sent throughout the staffing process to keep employees informed

Work/Life benefits that give you the competitive edge

Finding quality Backup Care is an employees biggest challenge. Partnering with Corporate CARE Solutions helps your employees resolve breakdowns in Child and Adult Care easily and proactively.

Family care you can count on

Corporate CARE Solutions provides national Backup Child and Adult Care for your family members when and where you need it. Care is provided in the employee’s home, hotel while on a business trip or anywhere in the U.S. your loved ones are located.

Strong partnerships that ensure exceptional care

Our goal is to provide premium Backup Child and Adult Care to our clients, while helping your business grow. Our comprehensive technology platform provides all the information you need quickly, so you can focus on providing outstanding care.

Caring for the other family members

Corporate Pet CARE helps employees achieve work/life balance while being present and productive in the workplace; provides employees the option of selecting ANY pet-sitter or boarding facility they prefer and is a desirable alternative when the unexpected occurs, employees won’t miss a meeting or important work event to care for the needs of their four-legged loved ones.

Nurture those “Aha” educational moments

CorporateCARE Solutions strongly believes in the power and importance of education. We also understand that school can be difficult for some, especially with today’s hybrid and remote learning models. With CorporateCARE Solutions Tutoring Support, your child can achieve more.

Access to Sylvan Learning discount options is also available.


The Best Employee Benefit You’re Not Using

Backup Care used to be a luxury benefit, but employees need it now more than ever. 73% of US employees are also caregivers, and they need a backup plan.

A few of our proud employers
experiencing decreased absenteeism...

What our clients are saying

“Oh my goodness I haven’t heard my son rave about a caregiver like he did about Sarah! He had so much fun with her, he asked if we could invite her over to play everyday. He loved Sarah so much and can’t wait to see her again. He just keeps going on about how much fun she was and how she might be a real super hero! Thank you!“

– Courtney B., Employee

“We truly believe that we share the same vision with regard to why we are even in business. We try to provide the best service possible because at the end of the day it’s all about serving families and children and providing a positive care experience.“

– Guy S., Care Provider

“We have enjoyed working with CorporateCARE Solutions. They provide us everything we need to quickly and easily staff our caregivers in their CARE Requests.“

– Cathy S., Care Provider

“I cannot be more pleased with this service and the caregivers provided! Being a working mom is hard… but being able to trust and rely on this service is a true life saver when needed! “

– Gretchen S., Employee

“I am so pleased with the care that was given to Albert, my home and how Ms. Linda took the time to speak to Albert. She told him so many positive things and that he can make a difference. This is how I watched Ms. Linda leave – professional, kind and caring. Thank you for your service and for allowing me to confidently leave my loved one and home. I am beyond grateful.“

– Stephanie K., Employee

“My mother was happy with her caregiver. She was kind, professional and empathized with my mother’s condition. Thank you. We will definitely use this service again.“

– Joanne E., Employee

“CorporateCARE Solutions is a valuable company benefit which enables staff to leave their loved ones in the care of a professional caregiver and go to work with peace of mind.“

– Rosemary M., Employer

“I would highly recommend CorporateCARE Solutions as a great benefit for your employees. Our employees love the flexibility and we have even been told that employees have taken a job with us because we offer this benefit. Our nursing staff find this benefit invaluable.“

– Julie Y., Employer

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